Application for admin rights on AWP

Hello, my name is Krešimir, but in-game, I go by Bob.

         1. I'm a 17-year-old from Croatia.

         2. I haven't been banned on Funplay or CSGO. However, I do have a game ban on my Steam                                        
             profile in Rust, which is over 1200 days old.

         3. On Funplay, I have accumulated over 200 hours of playtime, and specifically on AWP 
             Ultimate | Sniper War, which is the server I'm applying for, I have around 150 hours.

         4. Currently, I am not administrating on any other network or server.

         5. I have a good understanding of all the rules and commands necessary for administration.

         6. I have a working microphone and actively engage in communication with others through 
             voice chat.

         7. I am applying for admin rights on the  AWP Ultimate | Sniper War server.

         8. As an active player, I spend a substantial amount of time on Funplay each month. With over 
             7 years of experience in CS games, I have developed a keen eye for spotting suspicious 
             playstyles and differentiating cheaters from genuine players. Given my dedication to the 
             server, I wholeheartedly aim to contribute to creating a cheater-free and toxicity-free 
             environment. In terms of community relations, I have established strong connections with 
             both players and most of the admin team. 

         9. I own a Prime account.

        10. You can find my Steam profile at

        11. I am fluent in English and can effortlessly communicate with individuals from the Balkans 
              and Kurdistan. Additionally, I have a minimal understanding of both Slovak and Italian 

       12. Although I don't have any previous admin experience, I believe I can quickly grasp the 
             responsibilities and functions of administration due to my general understanding of how it 

      Thank you for taking the time to read and consider the application.

Hey Bob, you have playtime and you communicate with other players. And I assume you can spot cheater so I don’t see any problem.
For me it’s a yes.

Hi Bob, looks like communication shouldn’t be a problem since your english looks flawless. 150 hours is also good, it’s nice to see players from other countries wanting to contribute to our servers. It’s a YES from me.

Hello Bob, I appreciate your ability to communicate with people from Kurdistan. It will be very important! Anyways you seem like a fine person to me and I suppose you can spot cheaters. I give you a yes.

Hello Bob,

I’ve seen you on the server a few times and there was never problem with you.
Since you meet all the conditions, u have enough hours, experience in the game and so on, I don’t see any reason to not to approve your application.

It is a yes from me.

Čau Bob, I’ve been playing with you on servers for a long time and probably helped me a few
times with cheaters. Hours ok and activity overall is good, why not try it with you. :slight_smile: yes¨